Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.
Catherine of Siena

Arise Uganda is a member of the Children Arise group, a charitable society based in Canada. Arise believes that "Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive". Our mission in Africa aims to transform families and communities into places where children are loved and empowered.

There are many organizations in Africa providing important services and operated by people of vision and character. Arise Uganda partners with organizations in whom we find a cohesion of values and a synergistic relationship. Working along side these local organizations, Arise Uganda fills gaps and works to mature and resource them to become transformational in their own communities.

Arise Uganda is actively "Building tomorrow by empowering today".

Our Team

  • Andrew Banman

    Field Operations Manager & Arise Director

    Andrew Banman a founding board member of Children Arise. Andrew came to Africa with his wife Terry in 2014 to establish Arise Uganda. Andrew is currently the Director of Field Operations for Children Arise and the Manager of Field Operations in Africa.

  • Terry Banman

    Arise Director

    Terry Banman came to Africa in 2014 to establish Arise Uganda. Today, Terry fosters two Ugandan children with her husband Andrew. She also provides respite and emergency care for babies in difficult circumstances. Along with being the linch-pin for the family, she has nursed two abandoned babies through their critical first months. Today, Terry is actively working with rescued pregnant youth.

  • Emma Nsabaanye

    Field Staff Worker

    Emma joined the Arise team in 2016. Growing up in the local community he offers Arise staff insider understanding and knows almost everyone. Emma is a talented graphics designer which aids the entire Arise organization. Emma is also a social entrepreneur and operates a local media company called Era92 with Andrew Banman.


We are proud to be part of the
Canadian charitable society
Children Arise