Where We Work


Our primary workplace is the community at our doorstep. Known locally as Kosovo, this area is an intersection of three villages. Here a small business area is surrounded by rudimentary houses. The Kosovo business frontage resembles many like it in Kampala; but behind this exterior people struggle to make a living and support their families. Many locals refer to this area as a slum or gehtto.

Our focus here is to be a community member so that we can serve and encourage our neighbours. We typically work with local youth and women. Unfortunately, typical families in this community are made up of a mother and 5 to 7 children. Mothers struggle to take in enough washing, cart enough water, or sell enough produce to feed their children a meal a day. School is only a dream for many of these children.

The Arise Uganda team believes that "Business Opposes Poverty" and is actively involved in several social business initiatives. We also believe that skills training is an enabler and can empower youth or women to become better earners.

Our Community


Tariro is a vocational training centre in Mozambique. Students here gain the skills they need to earn a good living and support their families. Arise has been working with the Tariro team to rebuild their operational team and ready the facility for future community services.

Across Africa

South Sudan

Arise worked between 2010 and 2016 to develop relationships in a small village in Kajo Keji county. We learned how village leaders shared authority, how decisions were made, and what happens when there are disagreements.  Arise staff were planning to install a large Maize Grinder in the community as a social business to raise funds for their school. The grinder was purchased but a month before the village was to take delivery this area of South Sudan became unsafe to work in. Today the grinder sits in storage waiting for peace to return.

South Sudan

While there is no active Leprosy in the area, a number of Lepers live in Kajo Keji who are marginalized and at risk. On trips into the area it was a real joy to meet with this people group. We helped them with food and clothing and enjoyed their capacity to laugh and celebrate life with us.

Empowering Local Partners

Arise engages with organizations who have vision for the future of their families and communities. There are many organizations doing good work with vision and integrity. Regardless of the country, Arise Uganda partners where we find common values and see opportunities to strengthen local initiatives. We do not initiate, we come along side those who are already in place to help their initiatives thrive.

Synergistic Partnerships

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead

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